Navigators - Your Personalised Support Team

Are you a recently Graduated Life Coach who is keen to start Coaching but you don't know where to start or how to set up a Coaching Business?

Or are you a Life Coach who has had a business for a year or so, but are feeling a little stuck in your business and aren't sure how you can go about growing your Coaching Business?

If either of these scenarios apply to you - we have the Ideal Program for you - Navigators.

Over December 2017  we will release information about this brand new program on this page
Coaching Business Success
There are three powerful, fundamental key foundational areas for a coaching business, that if you can get them right, you can save a lot of time and energy.

These three key foundation areas will shape your entire business from your business structure, direction, location, messaging, communication style, profit and so much more.

Click on the link below to access FREE Training on these three key areas.

Coaching Business Success Handout

Session Structure

How do I Structure a Life Coaching Session?

If you have recently graduated from a Life Coach Program you are likely to have a whole new toolbox that you are bursting to get out and play with. 

However, how do you connect all these tools together to create a powerful session that provides beautiful breakthroughs for your clients?

Click below to access our FREE Coaching Session Structure training.  This training will show you how you can support your clients to have incredible breakthroughs by utilising proven methodologies to structure your future coaching sessions.

Coaching Session Structure Handout


How do I deal with Confidentiality?

As a Life Coach, we hold our client's hearts in our hands to support them to have amazing breakthroughs.  

However, sometimes issues and events may arise that require special handling, and may be beyond our expertise.

Click below to access our FREE Dealing with Confidentiality training. This training will support you with techniques and resources to build a support system around you so that you are confident to deal with what can be tricky issues.

Confidentiality and Referral Handout

Dealing with Deadlock

Help! I am in Deadlock with my client!

From time to time you may find yourself in a situation where you lock horns with your client during a Life Coaching Session and you are just stuck!  What do you do in this situation?

Click below to access our FREE Dealing with Deadlock Training to give you the tools and resources to stay on centre, breathe and to support your client to move through the blocks to achieve their desired outcome.

Navigators Program

As a Life Coach, how would it feel to know that you have a Professional Support Team behind you, that are ready and able to catch you when you need it? 

What would it be like to have ongoing mentoring support to continue to develop and encourage your growth and professionalism; and to be able to own your "stuff" before your client sees it.

We have seen so many of the Challenges that New and Existing Coaches go through in areas of setting up their business, growing their business and areas of professional standards, handing tough situations, and staying on centre.

If you want more information Call Paul or Tina today.
Paul - 0431 767 840
Tina - 0407 582 886

We look forward to supporting your Coaching Business Grow, Thrive and Professionalise.

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