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Behind Compassion: Paul Stewart in Profile

Paul has worked professionally and personally in the human services field for over 20 years. After a lifetime of following his passion for helping others, he launched Compassion Coaching as an opportunity to share his skills widely and enthusiastically with others. He has been described as innovative, maverick, challenging, inspiring, compassionate, a catalyst for life change, a mentor, and at times, a pain in the ass.
While all of this is valuable, just as valuable has been Paul’s own journey of personal development and the quest to understand and grow himself. He has long held core philosophy for working with people:

“Meet people where they are at,
not where you think they should be.”

Paul’s Early Professional Years

Paul’s initial studies were in a Bachelor of Arts with a Double-Major in Psychology and was followed up some years later with a post-graduate Degree in Education, specialising in the middle years of schooling. In the field of personal development, Paul has made the most of many opportunities, most notably the excellent workshops delivered through Real Education. It was indeed through Real Education that he gained his qualifications as a Life Coach. Paul describes it as an extended period of intense development and growth, working hard to earn the right to work as a Life Coach.

Finding His Passion

The majority of Paul’s work has been focused on the child protection field, performing direct care and casework responsibilities. He also dallied with teaching, experiencing both the government and non-government sectors before putting these skills to better use by creating and running a youth mentoring program.

Youth mentoring became a passion for Paul, as a means to explore entirely new ways of learning for children, young people, and adults. It was the stories of heart and hope that were the lifeblood of the program, and that gave him such a strong passion for the cause. He hopes to one day return to this most inspiring and powerful area of work.

Volunteer Work

Outside of the world of paid work, Paul was proud to get involved with the Real Teens Foundation and was appointed as the Deputy-CEO. 

He also served as the lead trainer for the team of people who would support teenagers going on this incredible journey of the life-empowering workshops.

Being a Mentor Master Coach

As an accomplished Mentor Master Coach, Paul is adept at using evidence based coaching methods and positive psychology to help individuals throughout the world improve their life. His methods blend practicality with theoretical insight, and are guaranteed to empower you with the self-assurance you need to change your life for the better. 

The Expansion of inSight Men’s Circle

inSight Men’s Circle is a support group run by men, for men. Since its establishment, it has helped men within Australia who are going through hardships associated with family breakdown. During his time as a leader of inSight Men’s Circle, Paul has managed to expand its reach and address issues affecting men all over the world more effectively. Men can now turn to this group in times of distress and walk away feeling stronger, wiser and more confident to handle the pressures of life.

Paul’s Family Life

Paul is married to his amazing wife Tina and has three awesome children, Caitlin, Alexander and Matthew, and a cat named Ashanti. When he does stop, he indulges in his passion for games design. He loves life and is always looking forward to the next adventure.
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