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Based in Brisbane, Compassion Coaching offers wise, supportive, and challenging coaching. You will find yourself extended, moved, and perhaps even transformed. Through hard work, persistence and a bit of fun, I’ll help you discover greater clarity of purpose; uncover truth about your relationships and intimacy; understand what really drives and motivates you; and how you can live the life you truly, deeply want and deserve. Keep reading below to find out what type of coaching is right for you. Don’t hesitate to get in contact for more information.
Life Coaching
Do you feel your life is being lived limited and small? Do you second guess yourself, procrastinate, or feel powerless in the face of others? Do you feel you have the potential for great things, but life just seems to be a struggle? Now is the time to create the life that you deserve!

Personal or Life Coaching is your chance to live with a newfound passion in life and create the life that you have always deserved to live. The process of Life Coaching is tailored to your unique and individual needs. Whatever you are wrangling with, is what you will come to face with new joy and vigour. New perspectives turn overwhelming crisis into golden opportunity.

Relationship Coaching

Are you feeling dissatisfied with the quality of your relationships? Is intimacy a chore or a threat to you? Do your relationships have a time limit before they just seem to self-destruct? Do you feel lonely in our out of a relationship? Now is the time to discover a new depth of connection and passion!

Relationship Coaching is your chance to build a greater and more loving relationship with the people you care about the most, whether it is your partner, children, parents, friends, or most importantly, yourself.  

Relationship coaching can be done individually or as couples. However the most important relationship is with you, so many couples find that working individually in coaching and then coming together in the quiet intimacy of connection fuels a fire of love and understanding that may have been missing for some time.

Clutter Coaching

Have you got unwanted stuff in your life? Are you feeling overwhelmed by things that you just can’t seem to get on top of? Are you a hoarder? Are you tied down and trapped by the things in your life? Now is the time to set yourself free!

Clutter Coaching is geared for people who are hoarders, who just can’t seem to throw anything out.
Through clutter coaching, you will come face to face with what is really going on, and the real reasons for all of the mess. And what really gets in the way of throwing things out. Getting rid of excess stuff is a way to set people free, and you can have new freedom, new lightness, and unlock limitless new horizons in your life. You will end up with more value in your life, more balance, greater perspective, and more power of choice. Travel lightly at last!

Leadership and Decision Making Coaching

Do you hesitate to make a decision because of the fear of getting it wrong? Do you wish that your team saw you more as being a leader? Do people expect you to be successful but you feel like a fraud? Do you wish that your team would just follow your lead? Now is the time to discover the powerful, decisive leader within you!

Leadership and Decision Making Coaching is the development of the inner skills of a great leader, of finding the balance within yourself which can inspire confidence and trust in others. Through Leadership and Decision Making Coaching you can learn to make faster, more powerful, more effective decisions. You can relax a bit and discover that work can change from being something that owns you, to something that you lead. Now is the time to inspire!

Costs of Coaching

A coaching session typically lasts for around 1 hour, although the first session can extend up to 2 hours as we ‘get to know each other’. Times may be arranged both inside and outside of regular office hours. Costs are based at attendance at the Compassion Coaching office in Brisbane. 

The following rates apply for coaching:
First Session – 1 to 2 hours – $100.00
Standard Sessions – 1 hour – $150.00
Extra time in a Session – each additional hour $100.00
Special rates apply for those experiencing financial hardship. Please contact the office and ask for assistance. Fees may be paid through Cash or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Cancellations will incur a 50% charge if made within 24 hours of the appointment time

Find deeper meaning and satisfaction in your life.
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