Discover True Health and Wellness With Life Coaching in Brisbane

With years of experience in the industry, Paul has decided to pursue life coaching because he believes it really works. Having worked with people from all walks of life, he is spurred on by the consistent positive feedback from his clients. Keep reading below to find out about some of Paul’s clients’ experiences of life coaching.


                             “Paul’s coaching is like my weekly epiphany!”                                                                 

Paul has taught me to hold my fear and to wrap it in love.” 

Paul has a gentleness and a strength, both at the same time. I feel like I can say anything to him, and that this will be alright because he always knows, the solution is within me. So there is never any problem that is too big, it is always something I can handle.

Paul speaks tough words, so gently, and always meant just for me.

The coaching through Compassion took me to places I never realised was inside me. I discovered that ‘I rock!’ and so I deserve to take care of me. At long last!

After Paul worked with him, he stood taller and straighter. He held himself differently. He was more confident, and damn it all, he was more attractive too! 

I discovered that I could just let go and be with my husband. Sure, after this long we had gone through a lot of changes. A lot of changes still to come. But now, at long last, I think I am ready to finally able to allow him to accept me for me.

Discovering that all of these precious heirlooms was just other people’s junk and that I was just holding on to it because I hadn’t actually valued myself enough to realise I was just being other people’s doormat.

It was hard at first to get rid of stuff, but looking back I almost laugh when I realise I didn’t need it at all.
I was amazed at how the decisions and pressure in my private life played out in my professional life. At work I had a lot on the line, money, people’s jobs, and the integrity of the organisation. Not to mention being answerable to the board. And as good as I am at managing such a huge team, what really made the difference was believing in myself.

Too much work and I just couldn’t walk away. I guess you would call that a workaholic. Yet the harder I worked, the harder it seemed to get. It was never enough. Until I realised that what was going on inside me, that really hard truth, was that I wasn’t just afraid of failing, I was actually afraid of succeeding. And now, thanks to Paul, I can finally accept that, face it, and find a new place and get my life again. And now I can feel like I can smile again.

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